£100 gift voucher

£100 gift voucher

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Linear Fisheries have a range of Gift Vouchers that can be used to pay for your fishing at any of our waters, or in our on-site tackle shop.

To ensure they reach you before Xmas, you must place your order on or before 1pm Monday 20th December - this is the last day for 1st class postage, as stated by the Royal Mail. Any orders received after this date may not make it in time! This does not take into account any possible delays caused by Covid.

PLEASE NOTE: (Change cannot be given for vouchers when they are used at the fishery). If an intended purchase is for a higher amount than the face value of the voucher(s), the difference can be made up with a cash or card payment. If it is less, then change cannot be given.

Vouchers cannot be used through our new on-line booking system, only valid when presented to a member of staff, on-site.